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  • 2012-03-29 New advanced 9-port CPE
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2012-03-29 New advanced 9-port CPE

Raycore is launching a new intelligent CPE series!

RC-CPT09 is probably the most compact managed 9 port Gigabit Ethernet layer 2+ switch to be found in the market! Yet loaded with a number of powerful features.

With its small footprint, discreet but yet modern design it is constructed and aimed with the modern endusers home in mind. The product can due to its size easily be fitted either into a media cabinet or directly on the wall when used together with the integrated fiberhandling module. When both advanced technical functions and design matters, then this is the right product for any FTTH-network owner!

With the flexibility in mind this switch can be equipped with either a fiber or a copper WAN interface and as an option a sophisticated CATV module.

Read more here.

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