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  • 2012-08-27 New small footprint managed 5-port CPE
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2012-08-27 New small footprint managed 5-port CPE

Raycore is launching a new managed 5-port CPE (small footprint)!

RC-LST05FX is a manageable Gigabit Ethernet layer 2 Switch with one Gigabit fiber port and five Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, it also support one ”hidden” LAN port for Telemetry (TM) services. This Switch with its patented functions is unique due to its ability of selecting either 100Mbps -or- 1Gbps on the fiber port, using the 1×9 module.

The RC-LST05FX supports remote management by SNMP and Http interfaces, and lots of L2 switch management functions, e.g. 802.1Q VLAN, Rate Control, Port Configuration, Port Mirroring, Port Statistics, QoS functions etc. Auto-MDIX function is supported for every TX port of the switch for easy cable connection.

Read more here.

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