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  • 2014-05-21 Melbye Skandinavia acquires Raycore

2014-05-21 Melbye Skandinavia acquires Raycore

Melbye Skandinavia acquires Raycore Fiber Optic Solutions AB

Melbye Skandinavia has acquired all shares in Raycore AB. For ten years Raycore has provided the Scandinavian FTTH market with high quality fiber clients as well as CATV solutions. Up until today Raycore has supplied approximately 250,000 fiber clients. Customers include major operators as well as urban networks.

The acquisition will make the two companies an even stronger actor in the fiber networks area in Scandinavia. The Melbye acquisition will be able to offer customers a complete solution around FTTH networks with systems for both passive fiber optic networks and active equipment. The combined Melbye – Raycore thus becomes even more of a ”one-stop-shop” in terms of products, solutions and expertise in the FTTH segment.

”Melbye expects this merger to have a positive impact on customers because Raycore has core expertise in the development of solutions and the production of active fiber products,” says Christian Aasheim President and CEO of Melbye.

For further information, please contact:

  • Dan Smidt, CEO Raycore Fiber Optic Solutions AB, phone +46 70 211 62 41,
    email: dan.smidt@raycore-fos.com
  • Lars Arberg , CEO Melbye Skandinavia Sverige, phone +46 70 234 33 35,
    email : laa@melbye.se
  • Christian Aasheim, President / CEO of Melbye Skandinavia, phone + 47 902 40 017,
    email: cha@melbye.no

About Melbye Skandinavia:

Melbye Skandinavia is a marketing and sales organization with subsidiaries in all of the Scandinavian countries. The head office is situated in Oslo, Norway, but the group has a total of 10 direct sales offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Annual turnover is around MEURO 34 and the company has 78 employees. As it was in the beginning, the company remains privately owned by the same Norwegian Melbye family.

Best Regards,

Dan Smidt

CEO, Raycore Fiber Optic Solutions AB

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