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With this ODF-system fused-, PLC- splitters and FWDM filters are well organized for easy access and protected from dust and debris. The sub-box can house up to a 1×8 splitter and the chassis can house up to 12 sub-boxes. The Chassis fits in 19″ or ETSI rack mounts.


– Supports standard 19″ 4U high rack-mount chassis with 12 slots for LGX modules
– 21-inch and 19-inch rack mount
– The unit will fit in both 21″ETSI standard and Electronic Industries Association (EIA) standard compliant racks
– For different type LGX box module (1×2 Coupler, FWDM, CWDM, DWDM)
– Available with 1xN and 2xN Configuration

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