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Mini-Node for CPE


The Raycore mini-node for CPE is an optical CATV receiver module that should be installed in the 5- or 9-port advanced fiber CPE. The product provides the network owner as well as the installer with a number of advantages. Due to the sensitive receiver module there will be a need for fewer installed EDFAs in the network. The installation time will be short due to a smart and simple construction. The subscriber satisfaction will be increased due to the guaranteed signal level with the AGC function. The unit can be monitored and turned on/off remotely.


– Auto Gain Control, AGC
– Bandwidth up to 1GHz
– Wide input power range: -3dBm to -9dBm
– Stable output value: 81dBμV
 -Excellent sensitivity and linerity
– Low power consumption
– RoHS Compliant
– LED for power pin-out
– LED for OPT-IN signal pin.out. Lit up when optical in-signal is in correct range
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