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EDFA High-Power


Raycore High Power Series Erbium/Ytterbium Double-clad Fiber Amplifier (EYDFA) are designed for use in the high-power single-channel applications. They amplify optical signals across the third or fourth telecommunication window. These series incorporate a special, unique, and flexible structure to produce maximum signal gain and saturated output power while minimizing noise figure. Through optimization of these important amplifier parameters, this module will be easily deployed into any of high-quality telecommunication platforms.

This model is offered as C-band in booster configuration and its output power can be distributed to multiple output ports for the application of CATV network. In addition, these units also provide a user-friendly status monitoring via an LCD display, LED indicators, and various communication interfaces (RS-232 and SNMP).


– Available with 4-, 8- or 16-ports
– High and stable saturated output power + 21 dBm per port
– Exceptionally low noise figure
– Optically isolated input and output ports to minimize system susceptibility due to connector reflections
– Input and output signal monitoring
– Adaptor with shutter to avoid any human injuries
– Front panel LCD display and status LED indicators for quick access of unit’s status
– RS-232 and Ethernet interface for local and remote supervision
– Hot swap redundancy for power supply and fan unit

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