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Rack Module


The RC-CH-11-x is a 2U high 10″ chassis that supports up to 8 non-managed media converters. The RC-CH-11-x provides an economic solution in medium density fiber converter installations where no management features are required. Each converter is an independent Ethernet to fiber or Ethernet to copper media converter and may be used as a stand-alone converter or placed in the RC-CH-11-x chassis.

When two chassis are connected in tandem, they fit exactly into a 2U 19″ rack space. With its three built-in power options of universal AC (100-240VAC), DC 18-36VDC or DC 36-72VDC, the RC-CH-11-x provides the working DC voltages for up to converters. The built in cooling fan ensures that temperatures in the rack remain within the tolerated working range.


– 2U, 10 or 19 inch rack that supports up to 8 or 16 media converter units
– Chassis with single built-in power unit available in AC or DC models
– Designed for rack mounting in single or tandem (2 chassis) configuration
– Multiple choices of power, either AC 110-240VAC, DC 18-36VDC or DC 36-72VDC
– Media converters are hot swappable

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