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Fiber Microscope, ViewConn


ViewConn™ is a ruggedized field-adapted, hand-held video microscope with an attached simple-to-use fiber optic connector cleaner. With this new tool you can both check and clean your connectors with just one hand-held tool. The microscope features a built-in, eye-safe 3,5” LCD monitor. ViewConn™ enables the users to inspect, clean and finally also re-inspect the connectors with one tool before mating the connectors in the frame again. This is the modern, efficient and time saving way to inspect and clean your connectors.

With this excellent tool you can easily identify your contaminated connectors, restore them to optimal signal quality and at the same time reduce the total installation time. The integrated USB port provides you with the ability to capture a full image for future documentation on your computer. With contamination being recognized as the primary cause of fiber optic network bit rate error and with an increasing numbers of users with only limited or in some cases even no previous fiber optic industry experience, easy recognition, cleaning and documentation will be one of the most important investments for all network owners.


– Easy-to-use operation
– Eye-safe video viewing
– PC adapters included, APC available
– Built-in cleaning cassette, detachable
– Wet or dry cleaning
– Hand-held probe, optional equipment
– Large variety of speciality tips for the probem
– Ruggedized cover for field use
– AA battery operation
– Battery charger included
– Automatic power saving
– USB connectivity
– Software for video image capture

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