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Visual Fault Locator


Raycore’s Fiber Checker is designed for checking the defects of a fiber cable. It emits a visible 635 nm or 650 nm wavelength red laser light through fiber optic cables. This will refract the light around the faulty area if there are breaks or defects in the fiber. With optional adapter, it can be used on all types of connectors.

The internal APC (Auto Power Control) circuit provides steady power to avoid unstable laser output when the battery is low. The LD output signal can be switched on CW or Pulse Mode to obtain different visual effects. The dust proof cover can prevent dust and avoid evading incidental exposure of the laser directly into your eyes.


– Universal for ST/SC/FC connectors
– Optional adapter for LC/MU connectors
– 3 km visibility Range
– Easy to check by 650 nm Visual Red Laser
– Fit Single mode and Multimode cables
– Use in CW ( Continuous Wave) & Pulse Modes
– Dust-proof design to keep connector clean
– LED indicator for Power On and Battery Low

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