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Visual Fault Locator, field


The Raycore visual fault locator (VFL) is a straightforward solution for identifying breaks, bends, faulty connectors or splices, as well as other causes of signal loss.

It detects faults over distances of up to 5 km and features both CW- and pulsed mode. The VFL visually locates faults by creating a bright red glow at the exact location of the fault on SM or MM fibers.

To ensure a daily field usage, it features a complete ruggedized rubber seal, a fully enclosed laser head and a long-lasting on/off switch.


– Patented Universal Connector
– Available for 250µm ferrules used with DIN, E2000, SC, ST, FC connectors
– Possible to equip with a 250 -125µm ferrule adapter to be used with LC and MU connectors
– Visible wavelength used – 650nm
– Optical power output below 1mW, meaning no additional safety requirement is required according to Laser Class 2 IEC 825-2)
– Use in CW ( Continuous Wave) & Pulse Modes

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