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Launch Box


In all OTDR measurement you need to have a certain length of measurement fiber in order to avoid too high reflection and shorten the connector’s so called dead zone.

In our FLB 1000, the fiber is practically stored in a small, as well as thin, aluminium box with the app. footprint of an A4 paper.

The shielded pigtails are also covered under a hatch in order to protect them, but at the same time provide the user with easy and fast access.

The whole measurement box can easily be stowed away in the side pocket of the OTDR bag.


– The Fiber Launch Box is available in two standard configurations;
a. The FLB 1000 P with 2 x 3 m, 2 mm pigtails/patch cords (fixed assembly to the 1000 m fiber) with FC/APC connectors
b. The FLB 1000 A with 2 x FC/APC adapters mounted on the inside frame. Enabling the user to easily change the patch cords.
– The FSB 1000 protects the fibers from hazardous bending or pressure
– The small and compact size of the FSB 1000 makes it easy to carry along with the OTDR equipment
– Since the complete enclosure is made of aluminum it ensures a low total weight

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