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Fiber Management for 1/5-port – NEWLY RELEASED!


In the cases the media converter/CPE will be mounted directly onto the wall, a fiber management tray can be used. The fiber is housed in the tray, totally protected from the surrounding environment. The end-user is further more protected fiber and laser beam, since fiber connection is ”hidden” inside the fiber management tray.

These is a perfect match between CPE and fiber management tray, so when docked together they will be perceived as one integrated unity (unified body).

This new fiber management tray is delivered as default, with all 1/5-port converters and CPE´s.


  • Slim design very suitable for home environments
  • Firmly holds the CPE in place
  • Screw (torx) to fix the cover lid to the fiber management tray
  • Cover lid using slide-on design, no tools needed to disassemble
  • Transparent plastic shield protects the fiber when installing the CPE
  • Improved fiber handling
  • Fiber inlet from top, bottom and sides
  • Prepared for 5, 7 and 12 mm duct diameters
  • Splice sleeve holders
  • Integrated extension power cord
  • Supports wire seal
EASY AS 1-2-3
– This system allows a very fast installation procedure!
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